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5 Easy Steps To Becoming A Virtual Assistant

Working from home has been on many people’s radars since the shutdown of the world due to the pandemic. Thankfully, more of the world is opening now, but we were able to get a taste of working from home and many of us fell in love with the idea of it. The problem we run into is, we are truly clueless on where to begin. I have narrowed down five of the easiest steps to creating a virtual assistant business that if followed, can get you well on your way to earning income right from the comfort of your home.

Step 1 - Hone in on your skills.

The first step to creating a virtual assistant business is first discovering what your talents are. There are so many great ways to be a virtual assistant, but narrowing down your niche will help you to better target your clients and focus on your expertise. Some examples of virtual assistant skills include:

  • Copywriting

  • Customer Service

  • Transcription

  • Social Media Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Calendar and Appointment Management

  • Lead Generation

This only names a few, but there are so many to choose from. Take some time to do your research and see what other virtual assistant jobs there are out there and narrow down which ones fit you the most.

Step 2 - Create your social media business pages.

The next step in the process is to begin setting up your social platforms and creating a social presence. The best place to begin is to set up a Facebook business account and a LinkedIn business page. After you have set those up, you can begin to move into Instagram and TikTok if you choose to do so. There are different types of audiences on each platform, but many will work together if you do some cross-promotion of your pages on each platform. After you have set them up, begin to create a consistent posting schedule. Not sure really how to begin? Read about our top social media tips here:

Step 3 - Engage with your followers and find new followers!

Now is the time to begin really building your platforms. After you have created some content, now is the time to begin finding new people to follow and interact with. You want to find some other people who are in your niche on social media to follow. This is going to give you someone to look up to and find inspiration from. It is also great to create a community around you of people who are like-minded individuals and have the same victories and losses that you do. Finding people that you can learn from is the best tip I could give you when you are an entrepreneur. Take time to like, share, and comment on other people’s posts and many of them will return the favor.

Step 4 - Start sharing your offer and getting yourself out there.

While you are posting on your social media, self-promotion is of utmost importance. Start sharing your offer on each platform. Another great way is to begin doing some lead generation. This means you can begin messaging and emailing people about your services and what you can offer them. Create a message that you can send to people to offer your services to. LinkedIn is a great place to find clients. You will see many people looking for people to hire right on the platform. Another great tip is to make sure that your LinkedIn (and all your other platforms) is fully updated with all of your information. This will allow other people to see your profile and information and it could bring in clients just from that. However you decide to share, make sure that your offer is clear and you are staying professional at all times.

Step 5 - Ask for feedback from clients to build your portfolio.

Once you have booked some clients and have had satisfactory results from the client, ask them to leave you a review on your social platforms. This will allow others to see that you are someone they would want to work with too because of the results that you have gotten from your work. Save all of them, because they make great social posts, as well. Make sure that you are always giving your best work to get the best results and your clients will thank you for that.

Some Final Thoughts

Becoming a virtual assistant really is not a hard process. You just have to be willing to put in the work and create your business. You must be consistent in the work that you are performing and do your best to always make your clients happy. That is your main goal. If they are happy, then you are doing your job well! Take some time to figure out what skills you have, promote yourself, and always be willing to engage with your audience. In time, you will find clients that will see what you’re offering, and they will want to work with you.

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