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5 Online Digital Marketing Metrics To Measure For Success in 2022

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

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A successful marketing campaign can be determined by brand growth, leads, sales, and organic traffic.

Do you also want more sales conversion and a high click-through rate?

When it comes to measuring digital marketing, most marketers doubt which marketing tactics matter. There are dozen digital marketing metrics to choose from; these top 5 metrics offer the most value and insight into a digital marketing strategy.

1. Website Traffic

Overall traffic of your website gives you an overview of where you stand. It is good to keep an eye on your traffic over time. It describes the number of users visiting your site, whether new or returning. While measuring this metric, watch for sudden drops or increases. For instance, your website traffic drops over the weekend and returns to normal levels during working days. Observing these patterns will help you show the long-term impact of your online marketing.

2. Time Spent on Website or Page

Time spent measures the duration of a customer's visit to the website as a single page or a website as a whole. This factor is important as it lets you know that those elements you want the audience to see are being seen. If you are starting a blog or launching a new service, look and see if the time spent on your new page goes up. You should see an increase in users' time on your site if the content is interesting. If your content is not up to the mark or what they expected, they may spend less time.

3. Bounce Rate

This metric is the percentage of visitors who leave your website after viewing only one page. This can help reveal that visitors may be leaving because:

  • The site takes too long to load

  • They found relevant content but weren't properly compelled to click further

  • An error page loaded

  • They didn't find what they were looking for

If a page on your website has a high bounce rate, you have a chance to make it better. Here are some tips to reduce the bounce rate:

  • Improve page load time

  • Add internal links

  • Include images or visuals in your content

4. Site Path

The site path illustrates what pages a user clicked through while on your site. This metric can provide you with some behavioral insight. For example, if your company sells protein powder, you notice that most of the audience goes from the homepage to your product page to the nutritional facts page and then the order page. Thus, this pattern concludes that your customer wants to know that your product is safe and contains quality ingredients. It's a good idea to look at site-path data before adding pages to your site or updating an online process.

5. Channel Specific Traffic

It depends on where people were immediately before arriving at your site. It is a kind of door visitors used to enter your site. It is important to look at your top medium to measure full-scale digital marketing campaigns. This will allow you to observe what is causing a drop in visits and where your campaign excels.

  • Direct Channel - When visitors directly type URL to visit your website.

  • Referral - Who came to your site from another site. It is external traffic

  • Organic - Come after performing a search on a search engine and click on your website's listing

  • Social - Who came from a social media platform

These top five metrics will help you assess your SEO's overall efficacy, social media, content, and integrated marketing strategies.

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These KPIs or metrics will help make your goals real and concrete. But there are much more strategies to implement, like website design and development, and social media marketing for best results. If you want to make your attempts more fruitful, choose the best online marketing company in Miami. Marketing Made Modern, an online marketing agency in Miami has a team of experienced digital marketing experts who know how to assess your online success. We can assist you in successfully branding your company. We can help you with branding your business successfully.

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