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How Do I Optimize My Website for Mobile SEO?

A website that's not optimized for Mobile SEO, is a website that is missing out on 51.65% of web page views worldwide. Now more than ever, it's easy to understand why It's crucial that your website is mobile responsive and SEO friendly. If your website fails to load faster on the mobile or meet other users' intent parameters, it will lag in ranking.

What Is Mobile SEO?

According to SpyFu:

Mobile SEO means optimizing your site for mobile devices. It’s a search engine optimization technique that helps improve the visibility of websites in mobile-device search results. It also improves user experience.

A mobile-friendly site:

  • Is understandable by search engines

  • Loads fast

  • Loads properly on mobile devices

  • Allows mobile users to navigate the site with ease

  • Has readable content that does not require readers to zoom

  • Offers users value

Here are some important tips by our digital marketing experts to ensure you are doing everything right with your mobile SEO...

Improve Load Time Of Website

People nowadays spend a few seconds scrolling through your content. As a result, Google estimates that any delay in loading the page will raise the bounce rate by 20%. It means that if your competitor's site is a few seconds faster, you will lose a significant amount of traffic.

Take the mobile usability test in Google Search Console to see if your website is mobile-friendly.

Pro Tip: The use of Accelerated Mobile Pages Markup also reduces the page load time for mobile.

Don't use AMP if you want your website's full functionality, such as pop-ups and ad control.

Responsive Website Design

A responsive design assures that your website adapts to users' needs on any device, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This allows for easier site navigation, uninterrupted page scrolling, content viewing as intended, and a user experience that follows a smooth journey through your digital platforms. You also can hire the best SEO service provider company to do it professionally.

  • Content on the same URL makes it easy to share links and receive a link

  • No more redirects as it slows down the site and raises bounce rate

Optimize Content for Mobile

You must optimize your content to ensure that people spend more time on your site. It should not be necessary for visitors to squint to read content or to zoom in to see photos.

Mobile Content Optimization best practices include:

  • Content should be digestible and easy to navigate on mobile

  • Use keywords to optimize content.

  • The Meta description is short and includes relevant keywords.

  • Integrate video and visual content.

Optimize Content for Local Search

The mobile searches for this term, such as "to buy" or "can I buy," have increased by 500%. Local SEO optimization helps your business appear for relevant local search queries. You should go to Google My Business and claim your business if you haven't previously done so. After that, you must complete your listing.

Optimize listing by adding categories, uploading photos of your business, listing open hours, and adding phone numbers


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