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Powerful Ways To Stop Google Ads Click Fraud

If you've ever run a Google Ads campaign, you're probably aware of the great reach and visibility it can provide your brand when it comes to attracting your target markets. Unlike other digital marketing efforts, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which can take months to see substantial results, you can set a budget that will get your advertising in front of qualified consumers right away, only charging you when the ad is clicked.

This pay-per-click model appears to be ideal for generating a high return on investment. Unfortunately, something is known as 'click fraud' is a common problem in the sector. This can deplete your marketing expenditures quickly, especially if you're a small company that relies on every dollar to bring in new customers.

What is Google Adwords Click Fraud?

Click fraud is a black-hat technique for generating false payments for advertisers by clicking on pay-per-click advertisers.

What Are the Sources of Google Ads Click Fraud?

Medium to Low Volume Clicks

Competitors are the source of the majority of Adwords click fraud.

Advertisers are attempting to sabotage their rivals by inflating their expenditures and pressuring them to meet their budget caps early in the day.

For instance, If your opponent is currently in position 2 and can't afford to outbid you for position 1, they can waste your money by clicking on your ad multiple times. Position 2 will eventually overtake the top place, receiving all of the extra clicks and traffic for free!

High Volume Clicks

Professional fraud rings also target high-value keywords sponsored by large corporations.

These criminals create millions of fake clicks and views per day using automated computer programs and click bots. While some bots are designed to steal contact information, others are designed to click hundreds or thousands of times on your advertising to deplete your ad budget.

How to Stop Adwords Click Fraud?

  • Use Facebook/Twitter Advertising: The best thing about using these platforms is that your ads will only appear on these platforms (!)—there will be no third-party publishers involved. This eliminates a major source of click fraud.

  • In Google Ads, set up IP Exclusions: You can prohibit your ad from being delivered to that IP address in the future, provided you've done your due diligence and identified the IP address linked with fraudulent clicks.

  • Adjust your ad targeting: Sometimes, you need to make a minor adjustment to your targeting to eliminate invalid clicks. If you believe click fraud is coming from a certain geographic region (typically, "click farms" are headquartered in poorer countries with low labour rates), it's worth excluding those locales and languages.

Is there no time for all of this?

Running Google Ads campaigns is time-consuming, especially if it isn't your area of expertise.

Working with a google ads management agency allows you to rest easy, knowing that your ads are generating conversions and all of the necessary safeguards to avoid click fraudsters from wasting your money.

If you are searching for top Google Ads management agency in Miami, we are here to help you. Expand your wider digital marketing with marketing and social media advertising.

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