Selling On Social Media: Pros & Cons

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Social media, it has not only become a trend but the latest outreach platform.

What originally started as a means of facilitating connections between friends and families, is now a world-wide marketing tool for both small businesses and large corporations alike.

It has become the most powerful tool in the toolshed. Leaving behind outdated brick and mortar marketing collateral such as sales brochures and printed product information, it has created an entirely new realm for sales potential. As more and more people of all demographics begin to download social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, companies are formulating effective strategies to engage with their new target audience, and ultimately boost sales.

Through the many rewarding transactional benefits that social media offers, there are

several things to note when approaching this new venture. As the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold and there is definite truth to this in regards to selling and buying on social media.

So what’s the caveat? Below are the most prevalent pros and cons of buying and selling via social media.



Ad Spend

With the constant inflow of new businesses marketing their products to the general public

on social media, ads are a must. They enable you to reach audiences that organic growth can’t compete with. The most notable thing in regards to ad spend is that it can either be fiscally inexpensive or monetarily valuable. Social media platforms give you the opportunity to make advertisements range from only $1 a day to $1000 a day, making it possible to have both cost efficiency and successful results.

Market Research

Buying and selling on social media gives you the ability to perform quick and easy tests

on products and/ or services that you provide that can further your productivity. By having the

ability to create polls and questionnaire features, you can effortlessly gather feedback from your target audience that will give you access into which products are of most interest, thus allowing you to gage your strategy and focus in an advantageous way.

Easy Customer Accessibility

Around 80% of the worlds population is on social media. What this means for you is that

your customers have never been easier to access. By simply following their accounts and

engaging with current customers and potential leads, you create and further relationships through the positive reinforcement that social media provides. The effect that this creates is higher customer loyalty, that makes selling products and services easier than ever.

Continuation of Brand

Your brand story is of utmost importance; therefore having a platform where you can

further your brand’s mission statement will resonate well with your audience. Now more than

ever, people want to work with companies that align with their own values and motifs. So

people’s perception of your brand's personality through your social media profile can very

quickly equate to higher growth.

Boost Sales

Selling and buying on social media not only gives you more access into the

day to day lives of your clients, but it allows you to be more accessible to your clients and leads that were already searching for the services you provide. Through tools such as hashtags and algorithms, an increase in sales (especially for global markets) is bound to happen once you start being active and persistent on your social media sites.