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Why Are Instagram Reels So Important Right Now?

Recently many social media marketers have been saying that if you want to get the most out of Instagram as a business or content creator, you have to create reels. But the question is, why? What are the reasons for this relatively new feature to become indispensable nowadays for your account to grow?

It is a whole new vision within this application that allows you to create small pieces of concrete and complete content. It is not as simple as a photo but it is not as extensive as a youtube video, which makes it easy to watch.

When this new Reels feature came to play, Instagram did what it had to for promoting its novelty among its users, and with the algorithm being as tricky as it is, the platform started to prioritize this type of content, which means that if you uploaded a Reel, it was more probably for it to appear on the Explore page and the Reels tab, which increases engagement.

How Are Businesses Taking Advantage of Instagram Reels?

This feature invites you to create a small presentation in which you can dynamically present to your audience a product or service, or simply a story to tell that they can identify with or create awareness.

With short segmented videos of up to 15 seconds, with an accompanying melody and perhaps some lyrics that help you to complement what you present, you will be implementing a significant strategy in the digital marketing efforts of your business. But, you might be wondering how your business will benefit from it, and here we get you some answers.

Benefits of Using IG Reels For Your Business Marketing Strategy

  • It’s the best way to reach new followers:

By making a reel, the algorithm will take it to the Explore Page, and this will not only increase awareness of your brand but will give you the chance to get more engagement that can become good leads.

  • Humanizing your brand:

When filming a video for an Instagram reel, there will probably be someone who would be the image/star of your video, or perhaps there will be hands working when showing a behind the scenes shot, this provides your brand the opportunity to show your brand’s personality which might create an opportunity where you will develop a relationship with your target audience on a more realistic form.

  • Effective Call To Action

By taking the interaction with your audience to a more personal or close level, through showing the nature of your brand or how your products/services work, the relationship becomes real, you are no longer just another brand you come across, you are a human being, a face, someone who has something to say, which helps people relate to you. Because of this, calls to action become a real suggestion that will make users get in touch or guide them in the direction of a specific offer.

How Can Your Business Do It?

Taking the next step to grow your brand through social media has never been easier. Instagram Reels are providing users a creative way to engage with your audience and also, as it has been said before in this entry, it helps you to portray your brand personality by educating, motivating, and entertaining. Here we get some tips for you to take into consideration when starting to make your reels:

  1. Try this... Instead of advertising directly, show your target audience how to use a product or how useful your services are. Through a short video, you could create a situation where your product/service is the solution to the circumstance presented in the video.

  2. Give your audience a couple of tips or tricks that will be useful in your day-to-day life or work. Show them something valuable and real, show them that they can trust you and your brand to find the education they've been looking for.

  3. Get on board with the trends… You do not have to dance if you don’t want to, just using a song that’s trending at that moment will be useful for your video to appear more on the explore page. Take a trend and adapt it to your brand’s topic.

  4. Provide answers to frequently asked questions; whether you offer a product or a service, most prospects and customers often have similar questions. Perhaps, a potential customer is hesitating to purchase your product because they don't have a full and proper perception of what your brand really offers. Giving them the answers they need will guide them to make the right decision. Take your time to record a reel and talk to them about it!

  5. Make them relate to your brand! Share some inspirational content. Make reels about time management, maintaining work-life balance, how you got to where you are or what inspired your product/service, etc. You can even subtly promote your products in these reels, as a useful tool or even a lifesaver.

Instagram reels have huge potential and help you engage with your audience and provide useful information in creative ways. Get A FREE Instagram Account Audit courtesy of MMM to see what you can improve on your Instagram. Start taking advantage of this feature today to take your social media strategy to the next level.


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