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Why Discipline Is The Key To Your Success As A Social Media Manager

About a month and a half ago, I made the thrilling yet gut wrenching decision to leave my very stable, very well established 9-5 office job in the middle of a global pandemic...

Now I should probably mention that I didn’t leave cold turkey or without a plan. In fact, this was something that I had planned and was constantly thinking about for over a year and some change before finally putting on my big girl pants, striking a superwoman pose, and making the decision.

Rewind to the start of 2019, I secretly started my own social media and online marketing agency. I started it as a side hustle and would work on it during my free time, which felt very scarce back then considering I had a full time job as well as being a full time student. Because of this I wasn’t able to get my first real client until a year after starting my LLC. But after getting that first client, oh boy! It was exactly what I needed to realize that I actually quite disliked my full time job, and that this little whim of a venture I had created back when I had only turned 21 was going to change. my. life.

After speaking to my boss and giving in my two-weeks notice, I had sooo many plans and visions and goals (that I still have)!! I was on top of the world, or really on top of the Elizabeth Tower because all I could think about was the massive amounts of TIME I would finally be able to dedicate to my business, my clients, my self!! I can’t begin to explain the relief I felt knowing that this was the first step towards following my dreams.

Of course, with all great things - there are also great sacrifices. I quickly learned that although I had all this time to devote to my business, and to my mental health, and overall well being, if I wasn't smart about how I spent my time, then all these new hours that I thought I had would not matter.

What started happening was that as the days went by, I started losing little bits of motivation. I started being on my phone a lot more (not for work but for leisure), I started binge watching TV shows, I started being on TikTok for hours at a time, ultimately - I started wasting time. The most precious thing I looked forward to, was now the main thing I was letting go straight down the drain.

The switch back didn’t happen until I realized that I wasn't getting as ahead as I originally envisioned I would be.

That’s when it struck me - that the key to establishing myself as an educator, as a business leader, and as a marketer was going to take me discarding the idea that I needed motivation to be successful. We all have motivation, the tricky thing is that motivation is very fluid. One day you're filled with it, the next day you don't even want to get up out of bed. So once I realized that discipline is really the master key to any door, is when I understood that then and only then is when I would be able to accomplish anything.

This quick post was really just to inform you of what I've learned although it may not be record-breaking and it may not be much yet, but I definitely think that I could help anyone out there who might find themselves in the same shoes as I am. Thank you so much for being part of my community, I hope to be a lot more consistent with my content so that I can better serve you. I look forward to your feedback, I look forward to your comments, and I look forward to many great relationships.

This is Richely at Marketing Made Modern - stay trendy!

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