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Richely Lopez.
CEO & Founder

Richely Lopez is the CEO & Founder of Marketing Made Modern, an international social media & online marketing agency.

An ambitious entrepreneur with a natural skill for creativity and problem solving, Richely Lopez is a full-stack marketing expert. Combining her distinguished background and expertise, she created Marketing Made Modern, an agency with a human-centered approach for a digital-first world. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, growing business leader, and progressive executive recognized for her skill, attention to detail, and results.

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Richely Lopez's Story:

Richely and her family immigrated to the US from Havana, Cuba in 2004. When she first arrived in Miami, Florida, she lived with 6 other family members in a mobile home. To understand the value of money and honor her family's sacrifices, Richely entered the workforce at a young age. At 16, her first job was working at a Pizza Hut call center after school. Through hurdles, lessons, and perseverance, she went on to become the first member of her family to graduate college, achieving a Business Administration degree with a major in Marketing from Flordia International University.

At only 21, with the vision of repaying her family for all their sacrifices and living a life of financial freedom, she decided to open her own business... Marketing Made Modern.

Now having three years of corporate experience in social media, project management, new business development, and sales, she knew it was the right time to pursue her passion.

Since then, she has been dedicated to a business that allows her to foster a competitive environment in social media and online marketing while maintaining her passion, integrity, and wit to support the community that made her who she is.

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