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Dr. Pejman Katiraei


Dr. Pejman Katiraei is a prominent pediatrician who practices holistic medicine for Wholistic Kids & Families in Santa Monica, CA. His business has established a reputation for excellence in pediatric care, and his mission is to educate and empower parents to raise healthy, happy children. With a desire to extend his reach and promote the importance of holistic pediatrics, Dr. Katiraei partnered with our agency to improve his social media presence.

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The primary challenge we encountered was devising a fresh social media strategy that would expand reach and foster meaningful engagement within Dr. Katiraei's existing community. Despite his substantial following, the engagement rate on his social media accounts remained low, indicating a lack of connection with his audience. Marketing Made Modern aimed to develop a strategy that seamlessly resonated with Dr. Katiraei's target audience while preserving the essence of his well-established brand.


Marketing Made Modern successfully tackled this challenge by conducting a comprehensive audit of Dr. Katiraei's social media profiles and conducting in-depth competitive research to gain valuable insights into his target audience. Armed with a deeper understanding of his audience's preferences, we formulated a winning strategy.

Our approach involved creating relatable and educational content that seamlessly integrated personal anecdotes from Dr. Katiraei's life. By infusing his content with authenticity and a "human feel," we fostered stronger connections with his audience and enhanced engagement.

To amplify reach and maximize impact, our team implemented strategic advertising campaigns on the best-performing posts. This targeted approach allowed us to reach a broader audience and drive meaningful engagement.

In addition, we developed a proactive outreach strategy to collaborate with influencers, podcast hosts, and relevant Facebook groups. These collaborations acted as powerful amplifiers, expanding Dr. Katiraei's reach and exposing his expertise to new and interested audiences.

Through our tailored approach, Marketing Made Modern not only overcame the challenge of low engagement but also cultivated a thriving social media presence for Dr. Katiraei. The combination of relatable content, targeted advertising, and strategic collaborations propelled his reach, engagement, and influence, further positioning him as a trusted and respected figure in the pediatric specialty.

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